Weddings & Civil Ceremonies

With your own Wedding Co-ordinator assigned to your day, the special attention to detail will not be forgotten and the preparations should be a very exciting experience. From the colour scheme, to the music, the food to the drink, or simply just the ceremony itself, your Wedding Co-ordinator will advise and assist with all the planning and ensure that you go away with very special memories
of your day.

To complete your day, our Chefs will be delighted to provide excellent cuisine for your Reception and to tailor-make the wedding breakfast to your requirements – however complex or simple.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call our team on 01162 548361 or check out our FAQ PDF here.




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Civil Wedding & Ceremonies


If you choose to hold your marriage ceremony/civil partnership at Devonshire Place, you need to be aware of the following points:

♦ Contact Devonshire Place to check the availability of the Holmes Suite on your chosen date(s)

♦ Telephone the Registrars Office to check their availability (see contact details below). It is essential that the Registrars are booked before you proceed any further. The Registrars will assist you with this process and inform you of relevant documents that you may need to produce. Once you have received confirmation from the Registrars Office, you can then confirm your booking with Devonshire Place. Please remember that the Registrars will charge an additional fee for attending approved premises.

Leicester City Council Registration Service 0845 0450901

A religious ceremony or blessing must not take place during a Civil Service/Civil Partnership.

♦ The room which is Licensed to hold the Ceremony must not reflect any religious beliefs

♦ The consumption of food and drink is not permitted in the marriage room

♦ Guests should not arrive at Devonshire Place more than 45 minutes before the time of the ceremony – however punctuality for the Bride & Groom is essential

♦ Video recording and the use of cameras during the ceremony is by prior arrangement with the Registrar

♦ You can personalise your wedding ceremony/civil partnership with your own choice of words, readings, poems, additional vows and music. The Registrars will advise you about this but all additional words and music must be non-religious.

The Receiving Line

Time should be allowed between the Welcome Drinks Reception and the Wedding Breakfast, as this is the most courteous way of ensuring that you greet all your guests. In most instances, the bride’s parents will be the Host and Hostess having issued the invitations, and therefore should be the first couple in the line to receive the guests. The line then continues with the groom’s parents, the Groom, Bride, Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man. Circumstances may prevail that mean this order is not appropriate, and therefore it is at the discretion of the Bride and Groom which order the line should stand in and where. In all cases it is essential that talking in the Receiving Line is kept to a minimum, as one guest will be at the front of the queue and another at the back waiting!

The Top Table

The Top Table seating arrangements should normally read, from left to right looking at the top table:

Chief Bridesmaid – Groom’s Father – Bride’s Mother – Groom – Bride – Bride’s Father -Grooms Mother – Bestman.


The Master of Ceremonies or Toastmaster will announce the arrival of the Bride and Groom and escort them to their places at The Top Table. If the Bride and Groom have decided that Grace will be said, The Master of Ceremonies/Toastmaster will then ask for silence whilst Grace is said.

Speeches & Toasts

It is always a privilege and honour for the first toast to be proposed to the Bride & Groom by the Bride’s Father or a close family friend. This toast is greatly anticipated by all guests and is very special.
The Bridegroom responds to the toast to himself and his new wife and on most occasions responds on behalf of his wife. However, some ladies like to respond themselves – others certainly do not! It is then the Bridegroom’s duty to propose the second toast to the Bridesmaids.
The Best Man, on behalf of the Bridesmaids, responds to this toast. It is then his honour to read out selected cards, special messages and to say a few words about the Groom!
Cutting the Cake

The ceremony of Cutting the Cake usually takes place at the end of the Wedding Breakfast, prior to coffee being served, and in some cases may take place prior to the toasts in order to allow time for cake to be cut and circulated with coffee.

♦ Catering companies can cook or warm up on site. They will however need to bring along their own pots and pans etc.

♦ The kitchen is to be left in the same condition as it was found. The kitchen will be checked at the end of the function by the Duty Manager.

♦ Any setting up and dismantling of Mandaps, extra staging & decorations etc are to be done within the allocated time booked.

♦ Soft drink can be brought in at no extra charge. Glasses are not provided for this, it is up to you to provide disposable cups or hire glasses from Devonshire Place or use an outside supplier

♦ At the end of the allocated Room Hire time – all drinks, food and decorations are to be removed from the premises.

♦ The rear entrances to the Oliver Dining Room and the kitchen are to be kept closed at all times. Failure to comply with this will result in a £50 fine for each time the doors have been kept open.

♦ If dry ice or any kind of marriage fire is to be used, the Manager, must be advised in advance. Failure to do so will activate the alarms, which will incur a charge from the fire service, which will be passed on to the contractual client.

♦ After 21:30 all catering and sound equipment will be required to exit the building via college walk, out of respect for our neighbours.

♦ A decibel limiter is situated in the Oliver Dining Room. This is set so the maximum noise level at our nearest neighbour is just within the legal limit. Its operation will be explained by the Duty Manager, but please be assured that the noise levels within the dining room will be such that the entertainment is acceptable to both the musicians and the audience. In the event that the power circuit cuts off due to excessive noise, the Duty Manager will reinstate the power on a maximum of 6 occasions. Following the 7th cut off, the power will not be reinstated.
♦ Advance notice is required if the Catering company wish to use the fryers, they are required to bring their own oil and drain it after use. This is to be taken away with them once they leave.

♦ You are required to bring your own refuse sacks for disposing of rubbish. This can be done using the skips at the top of the car park.

♦ Confetti can be used on site.

♦ Decorations can be put up, however nothing is to be nailed or stuck to the walls.

We would like to thank you for all your time & effort in making our wedding day celebration a day to remember. We cannot praise the event enough and we appreciate all your hard work

David & Jackie

Thank you all so much for all your hard work in making our wedding day so very special. Everybody who came said how fantastic everything was.


Lindsey & Stephen